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Shasta Echo (Synthetic Saddle)

Shasta Echo (Synthetic Saddle)

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Wonderful hybrid saddle. An innovative feature of the Echo is the ADJUSTABLE CANTLE on the smaller sized (Size 0/1) saddle, which allows you to scoot the cantle forward or back depending on rider size! As on all Black Forest saddles, the pommel adjusts to a variety of wither shapes. This is the perfect saddle for growing children or for lesson programs with varying riders and horses. Shasta Echo is available in black, in an adjustable size 0-1 for children to small adults,  size 2  and size 3.  (The adjustable cantle is only available on the size 0/1)

Note: Do not use synthetic ‘Weber’-type leathers on Shasta Echo as they can be abrasive. We recommend our Black Forest leathers or our synthetic leathers or sheepskin covers.                                                      Note: This synthetic saddle is also not intended for excessive endurance riding or more experienced trail riders. This saddle is a light duty saddle. Please refer to a leather saddle instead.


  • S3 Spinal Suspension System – our own innovative built-in, shock-absorbent system to maximize spinal protection
  • Can be fitted with western/endurance fenders or English leathers
  • Weight without fittings approximately 10 pounds
  • Seat surface is removable/replaceable
  • Removable fiberglass pommel insert provides shape and stability
  • Dense 5″ foam cantle avoids pressure points from the rider
  • Anatomically cut seat
  • 7 D-rings to attach breastcollars and/or trail gear
  • See sizing information below



Size 0 saddles (limited availability or special order) are comparable to a 14″ western saddle and a 15″ english saddle. (Fits women’s pant size 0/2 and children.)

Size 1 saddles are comparable to a 15″-15.5″ western saddle and a 16.5″-17.5″ english saddle. (Fits women’s pant size 8 and under, men’s pant size 30″ and under.)

Size 2 saddles are comparable to a 16″ and larger western saddle, and a 18″-18.5″ english saddle. (Fits women’s pant size 10 and up, men’s pant size 32″ and up.) If you are most comfortable in a 16″ western saddle, we recommend the size 2.

Size 3 saddles are comparable to a 17″ and larger western saddle, and a 19″+ english saddle. (Fits womens pant size 16 and up, mens pant size 36″ and up). NOTE: For riders over 180 pounds, we recommend the Grandeur Suspension Plus saddle pad, which provides an extra layer of shock absorption to protect your horse’s spine.

NOTE: Sizing recommendations are only suggestions, and depend also on your riding style and other measurements. Please discuss saddle sizing when placing your order.

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