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Black Forest Saddles

Black Diamond Suspension Plus Saddle Pad

Black Diamond Suspension Plus Saddle Pad

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Saddle Shape
  • Hard wearing felt underside with a breathable non-slip mesh + soft fleece in seat area
  • Therapeutic perforated suspension foam inserts (included) that fit inside pockets on either side of the spine
  • Suspension foam keeps its shape and absorbs shock between rider and horse
  • Quilted cotton upper fabric, with thin rubber layer for secure hold under saddle
  • Wear Leathers and Rigging Straps
  • Made for the Black Forest saddles by Black Diamond Industries
  • Available to fit all Black Forest saddle models
  • Colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, Blue, Green, Red



All the features of the regular Suspension Pad, but with a non-slip mesh/Fleece combo underside.

Recommended for:

  • Horses with low withers, barrel shape, large shoulders, flat top line.
  • Endurance riders or riders who ride more than 25 hours in a week.
  • Wide horses who tend to have slipping issues with any saddles.
  • Compensating for conformation issues of the horse, such as muscle atrophy or protruding spine processes
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