Pommel Kit

Pommel Kit

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One of the amazing features of Black Forest Saddles is the ability to change out the pommel to fit a new horse or just a growing and changing horse.  It's nice to have a second pommel around for your second horse!  Our pommels come in two types, both easy for you to change out by yourself. 

1. No-Horn pommel comes in narrow, medium, wide and a soft pommel (for extra wide draft types)

2. Horn pommel (This one only works if your saddle has 2 zipper pulls on the pommel sheath.  Comes in narrow, medium and wide.

General Pommel sizing: 

The narrow pommel works well for high withered horses.

The medium pommel works well for most horses with a normal wither.

The wide pommel works well for especially wide backed horses.

The soft pommel works well for extra wide draft type horses. The soft pommel is available only in the No-Horn Pommel option.


If you are unsure about which pommel your horse requires please call to discuss.  (203)723-3537

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