Leather Saddles

We have several styles of leather saddles for you to look over. We pride ourselves on style, elegance and comfort and that’s what you’ll get out of our saddles.  

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Saddle Pads

The Grandeur saddle pads are machine washable. Simply remove the foam inserts and wash the saddle pads in your washing machine in warm water on gentle cycle. Allow the pad to air dry, and to remove horse hair, just air-fluff on cool in your dryer once the saddle pad is nearly dry. The inserts can be hosed off to remove sweat and dirt. Be sure everything is dry before resuming use. Curabitur lacinia porta purus. Mauris laoreet dignissim imperdiet. Proin […]

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Synthetic Saddles

For the rider who prefers a synthetic saddle: the Black Forest “Echo” series offers comfort, style, and affordability, along with the Spinal Suspension System offered on all of our Black Forest saddles. Though the durability is not equal to our leather saddles, the Echo saddles will give you many hours of riding.

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img3Welcome to Black Forest Treeless Saddles. You’ve found the key to the ultimate connection with your horse!

We have personally been using and marketing treeless saddles since 2004. Over the years, we have worked closely with equine professionals, and we have listened to the input from our valued clients. You and your horse want the most out of your treeless experience. And you want quality that you can put your trust in. This culminated in our development of the Black Forest Treeless saddles, which have become one of the most sought after treeless saddles on the market today.

Black Forest Treeless Saddles: the Answer to your Saddle Fitting needs

Black Forest saddles are intended to comfortably fit even the most hard-to-fit horses. Whether your horse has standard conformation, low withers, high withers, short back, long back, broad shoulders…the Black Forest treeless saddles conform to practically all of them!

Black Forest Saddles is located in Black Diamond, Washington. We design, manufacture and sell treeless saddles to retail and wholesale customers around the world. If you would like to work with us in spreading the word about our saddles, please contact us! You can view our beautiful Black Forest Horses Here

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