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img5-300x237Black Forest Stables, Inc., DBA Black Forest Saddles, is owned and operated by  Vic Sivitilli, of Black Diamond, Washington. We import and breed the rare breed of horses known as the Black Forest Draft Horses from Germany. We first came upon treeless saddles after importing our mid-size Black Forest Draft horses into the USA.  At 15 hands average, but with draft horse proportions, NO treed saddle fit these girls. We spent thousands of dollars on wide trees, flex trees, and even custom made saddles and still ended up frustrated, with uncomfortable horses. Then, on a visit with friends in Germany who own the same breed of horses, we rode in a treeless saddle. The experience was incredible, and we knew we had found the answer. We returned home and began marketing treeless saddles throughout North America, quickly building a huge market base.

Over the years, we have worked closely with equine professionals, and we have listened to the input from our valued clients. You and your horse want the most out of your treeless experience. And you want quality that you can put your trust in. This has culminated in our development of the Black Forest Treeless saddles, which have become one of the most sought after treeless saddles on the market today.

The Black Forest Treeless saddles are the result of years of research and input, with exclusive features and handmade by our own top manufacturers. Our promise is to offer the highest quality treeless saddles and riding products, at a competitive price that will allow everyone to experience the comfortable and therapeutic concept of treeless riding.  And we will continue to offer you the high standards of customer service that you have come to expect from us.

The absolute best thing about the Black Forest Treeless saddles is that we are so much more connected with our horses when riding. After an uphill gallop, we’re always so amazed that we can actually feel our horse’s heartbeats underneath us when we come to a stop. Our Morgan-Quarter gelding, Shadow, is the king of 180 degree spins on the trail when he sees something odd. But in these saddles, we can feel what he is going to do BEFORE he makes his move, and can anticipate what’s coming. We even started our young Black Forest stallion in the Black Forest Aspen, and the saddle stayed in place during his initial hops and rears.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of quality customer service. We know the treeless experience is a new one to many of our clients, and we welcome questions  and in-depth phone conversations. We work with you to find the best saddle model for your riding style, and the right combination of pad and accessories for you and your horse. We also pride ourselves in having a large stock of Black Forest saddles and accessories here in our warehouse, to get you out on the trail or into the arena within days after ordering.

girlfriend-297x300We look forward to helping you and your horse discover the Black Forest Treeless experience!

Ursula and Vic Sivitilli


Black Forest Stables founder Ursula Sivitilli on Morgan/Quarter Shadow, riding with childhood friend Deena on Black Forest Draft mare Ramona in their treeless saddles in October 2006.In loving memory to my friend Deena, who passed away from cancer way too young in May 2007. Deena introduced me to horses when we were in junior high school together. Happy Trails, girlfriend. I miss you.


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