Saddle Pads


    Grandeur Suspension Saddle Pad


    The Grandeur Suspension Saddle Pads feature:

    • Hard wearing felt underside with soft fleece in seat area
    • Therapeutic suspension foam inserts (included) that fit inside pockets on either side of the spine
    • Suspension foam keeps its shape and absorbs shock between rider and horse
    • Quilted cotton upper fabric, with thin rubber layer for secure hold under saddle
    • Wear Leathers and Rigging Straps
    • Made for the Black Forest saddles by Grandeur of Germany
    • Available to fit all Black Forest saddle models
    • Colors: Black, Brown, Royal, Bordeaux, Hunter Green, Gray

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    Grandeur Suspension Plus Saddle Pad


    All the features of the regular Suspension Pad, but with a Sympa-Nova/Fleece combo underside

    Recommended for:

    • Riders weighing over 180 pounds
    • Endurance riders or riders who ride more than 25 hours in a week.
    • Wide horses who tend to have slipping issues with most saddles
    • Compensating for conformation issues of the horse, such as muscle atrophy or protruding spineous processes

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Care and Use of your Grandeur Saddle Pad

The Grandeur saddle pads are machine washable. Simply remove the foam inserts and wash the saddle pads in your washing machine in warm water on gentle cycle. Allow the pad to air dry, and to remove horse hair, just air-fluff on cool in your dryer once the saddle pad is nearly dry. The inserts can be hosed off to remove sweat and dirt. Be sure everything is dry before resuming use.