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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I care for the leather?

Posted on by webmaestro

Your saddle will wear in like your favorite pair of jeans. Treat as desired with a leather cleaning and conditioning product. *Neoprene has an extended life expectancy. As a closed cell foam it does not trap moisture and thereby prevents … Continue reading

Can I use the horn of the Town & Country for roping or ponying?

Posted on by webmaestro

The horn on our western saddle is connected to the fiberglass pommel; however it is not affixed to the saddle itself. Please only use the horn for decorative purposes or for tying small, lightweight objects such as a camera or … Continue reading

What will I experience when riding in your treeless saddle the first time?

Posted on by webmaestro

Sensations and reactions from your horse will be different and more pronounced than what you have experienced in the past. This is a good thing, and the majority of new clients welcome this close connection with open arms. But not … Continue reading

Can I use a treeless saddle on my gaited horse?

Posted on by webmaestro

The conventional thought for gaited horses is that the saddle cannot touch the horse’s shoulder because it will constrict the movement. Our Black Forest saddles can be placed further forward over the withers – because you are not compressing a … Continue reading

What size girth should I order?

Posted on by webmaestro

The billet straps on our Black Forest Shasta and Aspen are quite generous; the average 15 hand horse will use about a 22″ girth. The Town & Country has shorter billet straps; a 15 hand horse will usually use a … Continue reading

Do your saddles slip?

Posted on by webmaestro

Our saddle will not slip more than any other saddle. If your current saddle slips, you may have the same issue in any saddle, including treeless. This is due to the horse’s conformation but there are remedies. For rounder, flatter … Continue reading

Can I jump my horse in your saddle?

Posted on by webmaestro

Light jumping is fine in the Black Forest saddle. The Aspen saddle offers the kneerolls and removable kneeblocks for extra rider stability.

Do I need a special saddle pad?

Posted on by webmaestro

Riders under 120 pounds can use any type of saddle pad. For riders between 120-180 pounds, we offer our Grandeur Suspension saddle pad, which has the removable foam inserts on either side of the spine. Our Grandeur Suspension Plus saddle … Continue reading

Is there a rider weight restriction?

Posted on by webmaestro

Generally not. For heavier riders, we always recommend a substantial therapeutic saddle pad such as our Grandeur Suspension Plus pad. Our saddles are offered up to 18” western/19” English.

Can I use the Black Forest saddle for endurance riding?

Posted on by webmaestro

We have many customers who ride long distance endurance. They consistently receive “A’s” at the veterinary checkpoints. For long distance, we recommend our Grandeur Suspension Plus saddle pad, which provides an extra layer of protection. We also advise that riders … Continue reading

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